Easy to use, undeniably stylish, and designed to safely protect valuables.

HBT BELSAFE® is the world’s most advanced self-sustaining beach safe. It comes with incredible features designed to meet your guests’ and visitors’ needs at the beach or pool, ensuring that they will have an unforgettable vacation. 

High-end beach resorts along the Italian and Spain coast offer guests seaside drink service and massages, but none have helped guests solve the problem of where to securely hide their smartphones, tablets or keys when they take a swim or a walk. With more than 85 percent of travelers taking a device with them on the vacation, safety and electric power concerns - whether at a hotel or theme park - become all the more common.

HBT BELSAFE aims to fix that problem by providing hotels, beach resorts and theme parks with a solution that boosts their revenues and improves their customers’ satisfaction. The small outdoor box locks users’ devices, wallets, jewelry and keys around a beach umbrella or chair. Opening the box to take out a device or removing it from an umbrella requires an RFID key. The integrated HBT BELSAFE POWER STICK can be used to charge electronic devices like smart phones and tablets.

The HBT BELSAFE enables the entire family to spend their time together without having to worry about their valuables. 



The HBT BELSAFE is very solid, yet easy to use and transport. Its material is extremely tough, making it practically impossible to break into with conventional tools such as screwdrivers and crowbars.

The HBT BELSAFE is self-sustaining. A high- performance POWER STICK is used to store solar power – enough to charge an iPad without any problem.

The HBT BELSAFE POWER STICK features a USB port that quickly recognizes devices and delivers the current required (up to 1A) in order to charge virtually any smart devices as quickly and safely as possible.

The HBT BELSAFE is sand and water-resistant, therefore it is an ideal choice for protecting your valuables. On the beach or pool.

With generous space and a large opening, it can be used to store large objects, such as SLR cameras and 12-inch MacBooks.

The HBT BELSAFE can be secured to beach and patio umbrella bases and similar structures.

The RFID locking system comes with various options, including a key fob, card, or armband for individual HBT BELSAFE units and a master card for authorized staff.

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